Grease Calcium Complex

  • Specialty greases intended for the lubrications of roll mills bearings and
    generally for heavy loaded mechanisms operated under temperatures
    and temperatures and water action.

Grease Barium Complex L 2/S

  • Barium Complex Grease L 2/S is a complex soap thickened synthetic
    grease. It provides high resistance to oxidation, superior anticorrosive
    capacity, EP characteristics, good adherence to metal and good
    resistance to water, and resistance to vapor, acid and alkaline solutions.
  • Barium Complex Grease L 2/S is specially designed for high speed bearings
    which operate in a wet ambiance. lt is also specially designed for spindles,
    cams, joints, turbines etc.

Grease Poly HT Extra

  • Grease Poly HT extra is specially intended for the lubrication of mechanisms
    operating in severe conditions.
  • Operating under high service temperature and pressures and cooling water.


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