• High performance food grade grease in spray cans
  • Foodmax Grease Spray can be used for general lubrication, slide ways, chains and high load bearings in the food industry.
  • NSF H-1 Approved

  • Adhesive chain lubricant fortified with PTFE
  • Lubrication of chains, conveyors, slides, joints, mould slides, small bearings or any other application which requires a food grade high performance lubricant.
  • NSF H-1 Approved

  • Food Grade Dewatering and Penetrating Fluid
  • For use on lightly loaded chains, bearings & slides in food and clean environments
  • NSF H-1 Approved

  • Foodmax DDO Spray is produced from ester based oil and special additives to warrant a trouble free and extremely clean operation when used as a dough divider oil.
  • NSF 3-H Approved

  • High performance electro cleaner
  • Foodmax Clean E spray is a powerful, fast drying cleaner, ideal for cleaning electronic equipment and components in and around food processing areas, such as control panels, electric motors, electrical contacts
  • NSF K-2 Approved

  • Foodmax Clean S spray is a high performance food grade solvent cleaner for oil, grease and other contaminants. The cleaner is rapid drying, without leaving any residues, provides limited sanitizing properties.
  • NSF-K1 Approved.

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